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Number of otters featured in my first "book," circa age 11

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About Me

I write books about snarky girls and climate peril. I’m from Bend, Oregon. I did English shenanigans at Stanford. My agent is Danielle Burby at Nelson Literary Agency. My debut novel, GIRLS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, is coming at you from Penguin in 2021.

When I first wrote this bio/plea to follow me on social media, I tried to be ~friendly~ and ~professional~ but now I am ~tired~ and ~wizened~ so:

  • I recently learned that I am an elder Gen Z matriarch instead of a baby Millennial, and as such, I finally feel free to admit that I hate Twitter and it hates me. Anyway, with that neat review, follow me until the publishing world decides to hate Twitter along with me. Twitter!
  • I have an Instagram. I think I’m supposed to be more self-promotional on it. It’s mostly just pictures of me with dogs and trees.
  • Most of my internet content is bad cartoons about writing, and all of those live here.
  • Self-promotion is hard and I don’t love it, but I do love writing, so give my book an add on Goodreads and hopefully I’ll get to keep at it.